About LeadIIT

LeadIIT is an initiative by IIT alumni from senior batches of IITs. LeadIIT.com is a platform for dissemination of information by experienced professionals regarding IITJEE. We invite like-minded experts and tutors to join hands with us.

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Partnership Approach

Regional Partnership, Flexibility to Suit Your Need, Beneficial Impact

LeadIIT is an enabler of benefits of technology & digital content in education. The real benefits arise when great teachers use technology & digital content for the benefits of students.

In our relation, we mutually discuss and zero-in on the most important areas where we could help you create maximum impact. For instance, schools use our product offerings to fill the critical gap between basic concepts and competitive preparation. It is possible to achieve it in the most cost effective way through our offerings.

We look forward to be a part of your knowledge network where we contribute the digital aspects that help you scale your reach.

At LeadIIT we believe in growing with people who share the same vision. We actively associate with great ideas and partners. If you wish to associate, feel free to contact us.

Email us at help@leadiit.com and we will respond within 1 business day.

Partnership Modes

Our Partners are Teachers, Schools, Coachings

I. Teachers: We work through regional partners. The win-win model that we work in helps you with all that is necessary in reaching out to more students delivering benefits of technology enabled education. We provide the solution that you take forward as yours to the students in your region/city.

II. Schools: Schools do have solutions for junior classes and many of them are good. However, there is a lack of good solution when it comes to preparing your school students for the competitive exams. With recent changes in the entrance exams, schools have come at the centerstage. Through our solution, your students can fill that critical gap o transforming their basic concepts into competitive preparation.

III. Coachings: In this country, education entrepreneurs have helped students who need special attention through their individual coaching centers. Respecting their dedication, we come forward to help them scale and provide their skills to a larger set of students & ease their effort using technology and digital content.

Email us at help@leadiit.com and we will respond within 1 business day.