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iitjee My Routine for Day Time

Since IIT is an exam which takes place in day time so it is advisable to everyone to shift his/her study routine from night to day at least two weeks before the final day. This will make you equally active in day as you are during night / morning and on the final day it will be easier for you to concentrate as it will be more like a daily routine. This article is particularly beneficial to the students who are used to study during day time. Since many of you have shown interest in my own day routine so here it is. I must warn you that what I am going to tell you is a suggestion and you should not enforce it upon yourself if you are not comfortable with the times / ideas mentioned.

Start of the day. It’s really very hard to get out of bed in morning especially for studying. So, how to switch on your day? If you simply rely on the alarm of your clock, you might cheat yourself. You must have some external factor to help like you may ask your mother to awake you. But I devised for myself a better way. I simply used to keep my alarm clock little bit away from my bed (set up at 6.30 am). So I had to walk down to it to shut it up. I also kept my toothbrush alongside the clock. So just after switching off the alarm (still half asleep) I used to pick my tooth brush and go to wash basin to wash my teeth. This simple routine solved my problem of waking up completely in morning. Afterwards I used to eat some very light stuff (usually dry fruits) and then I would sit to study for next two hours (7 am to 9 am). Since during this time period your mind works quite well, it’s advisable to read theory or any tough topic. At nine I would take a break from the study for a formal breakfast. From 9.40 am to 12 noon I again used to sit down and generally used to solve questions. At 12 I would take a break for bath and there after I would revise formulae / some important concepts from my notes 12.45 onwards to next 20-25 minutes. Then I used to take lunch and afterwards a peaceful nap. I would again wake up at 2.50 pm and get back to work by 3 pm to till it is 6 pm (5 pm for winter). Then at 6 I used to take an one and half hour break in which I did some sort of physical exercise (like playing, exercise or just going out for a stroll) for 45min to 1 hour and then rest time for relaxing (or getting a second shower in summers). Then at 7.30 pm (6.30pm in winter), I used to go back to my study table and be there till 9 pm. At nine I would do dinner and watch news. Then from 9.45-10pm onwards to till 12.30, I would study. Then I would spend 5-10 minutes to decide what subjects/topics to read next day and then I used to go to bed.

The time I mentioned may not be comfortable / feasible for some of you so you should accordingly adjust the timings. P.S.: If you are not comfortable to day time study then you should study during night only. But I advise you to follow a day routine at least for the last two weeks of the preparation.
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