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How to study (part 1)

Some of the most common questions I face every time I give a seminar on IITJEE are “how should we study?”, “what are the important topics?”, “I am not able to solve tough questions so can I clear IITJEE?”, “what is the best time to study?”.... More

Make your short notes

Revision is a very important part of preparation for any competitive exam. Without a proper revision strategy, all your hard work may not ultimately bear the expected fruits...... More

Improve Your Examination Temperament(part 1)

Once I met an IITJEE aspirant named Shiv Mallik during one of my seminars in July 2009. He was having a very common but acute problem........... More

Get Motivated to Study for IITJEE

If you askIITians about the top 5 factors that they believe lead to their success in IITJEE, one thing you will surely find is that they were highly motivated to enter into IIT. Many times while studying............. More

Importance of Revision while IITJEE Preparation

Shashank was a brilliant student with a very sharp mind. He was among those students of the class who used to answer questions instantly as the teacher asked. But finally in IITJEE, he managed to grab a rank around 5000............ More


Certainly one of the biggest question among the folk preparing for IITJEE is whether to focus more on boards or on the JEE exams. Some people say that boards are very important. True. But some people say that by only reading for boards............ More

Winners Routine

During my seminars, I always face questions like for how much hours to study? What is an ideal routine during the preparation time? After how much time of study, should I take break? Let me answer these questions................ More

Stay Focused For Study for longer time

I remember that during the initial days of my preparation for IITJEE, one of the biggest problems which I faced was that I started losing concentration after 20-25 minutes of study. At that time I was taking 5-10 minutes break............... More

How to prepare physics

All the three subjects of JEE paper are entirely different in their contents as well as the required in depth knowledge and thus the preparation strategy cannot be same for all the three subjects................ More

Improving your approach to solve questions

IITJEE is scientifically designed paper which not only checks your analytical and intellectual abilities but also requires ability to perform in adverse conditions... More

My Routine for Day Time

Since IIT is an exam which takes place in day time so it is advisable to everyone to shift his/her equally active in day as you are during night / morning and on the final day it will be easier for you study routine from night to day at least two weeks before the final day........ More

Improve your Concentration

You sit down to study with great mood; feeling very enthusiastic and you decide to complete a chapter of maths but hardly 20 minutes passes when you remember that your favorite program would be coming on the T.V.....More

Get Motivated for IITJEE preparation (Part 2)

As I mentioned in part 1 of this article, motivation plays a very crucial role in success at IITJEE. When a traveler is continuously heading towards a destination for one or two years and that too without knowing that finally he will hit the target,.......... More

Secret of Success @ IITJEE

The title of this article is weird, isn’t it? You would be thinking that what can be the secret of getting into IIT (if there is one)? If it is there then why not someone else has told you this before? Some of you might even be thinking that I have go.......... More